TERROR ATTACKS: We’re down, explore all options including hiring mercenaries, General Ayoola tells FG

Previous Commander (Special Task Force), Operation Safe Haven in Jos, Plateau State, Major Gen. Henry Ayoola, Retd., has charged the central government to fourfold its political will to manage fear based oppressors, to end instability in Nigeria.

Maj. Gen. Ayoola, Retd., who gave the charge during a meeting on Arise Television yesterday, noticed that there's need for government to strengthen work to clip down on fear mongers and criminals, saying that, the new startling episode in Plateau State in which more than 100 individuals were killed, north of 70 stole while a few houses were torched by psychological oppressors, demonstrates there is a greater issue to manage.

His words; "The new killings in Kanam, an exceptionally tranquil region, let you know that a sort of new vista is being opened and the extension of the theater. The Kankara kidnapping occurrence in Katsina, actually that far back, made plainly Boko Haram and ISWAP have involved the banditry issue as cover, to extend their venue past the North East.

"In this way, it's a secret penetration into different pieces of the country without us seeing it and giving it the fundamental exposure. Obviously, you could see it happening simultaneously with the one in Benue simply following the assault on the train and the air terminal. Thus, you could see that the simultaneous exercises show there is a well conceived plan of an expansion of the fight ground; of the theater, of their operation. It's a greater issue to manage".

Recognizing the way that the military has been overpowered, that's what ayoola expressed "The entire Operation Safe Haven was desolate. In this way, it's not what it used to be… The military is profoundly squeezed along these lines, there has been somewhat preparing forces from different pieces of the country to get enough for the North. I can tell you, however not holding brief for the General Commander, I know, for truth that the forces have been desolate. I don't know they have an adequate number of men on ground in that piece of Plateau State.

The emergency had moved more to around Riom, Barkin Ladi, Basa-the Northern piece of Plateau". While government spokespersons continue let Nigerians know that government is doing quite well, Maj. Gen. That's what ayoola said "It's conspicuous to everybody that there's more that should be possible, that is the reason the individuals who are yelling are yelling. The issue is extremely clear, even from what the crooks are talking about it implies there's an issue of, have we done everything that could possibly be finished?

"We have expressed a few things that should be possible. I composed papers before I left assistance in 2015 yet after I came from operation Safe Haven, I did an examination of Boko Haram; eight articles of profiling Boko Haram. Along these lines, there are eight parts of Boko Haram. Such a long ways as a country, best case scenario, we have been going after just two parts out of these eight. What's more, that lets you know that we haven't given it our smartest option yet".

Specifying the parts of Boko Haram which have been threatening the country, that's what ayoola uncovered "The fifth part that came in 2015, the inquiry then was, the reason would they say they were acquired, what was the reason, have they satisfied the reason? For what reason would they say they are as yet being endured? In the event that they have satisfied the reason, why not return them to where you brought them from".

On the call by specific quarters for a difference in Service Chiefs, he made sense of that, "In studio practice, there is called conclusion by disposal; assuming you change Service Chiefs multiple times, nothing will change with what the main problems are. We are not contacting the main problems but rather going round them, realizing without a doubt that it won't tackle the issue; that is the very thing we have been doing", adding that no choice ought to be forgotten about including looking for the help of hired fighters as long as it will assist with taking care of the issue.

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