Deborah Yakubu Protest: Observe the peaceful protest in your local churches – CAN


In front of the upcoming dissent over the killing of Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Dr. Samson Ayokunle has taught Christians in the country to be prudent in completing the dissent taking into account a danger by an obscure Islamic body to do a counter-fight.

CAN in a Press proclamation endorsed by Dr. Ayokunle asked church pioneers to do the dissent of bulletin conveying inside the premises of their nearby chapels or CAN Secretariat.

As would be natural for him: "You are mindful that a few Muslims had conveyed data that they planned to counter our tranquil dissent on Sunday, May 23 they will probably make disarray and quality it us"

"Taking into account the previous, I encourage you all to do the dissent of notice conveying inside the premises of your neighborhood temples or your CAN Secretariat.

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