The change makers: Six Nigerian youths driving change with innovations


By Prince Osuagwu

Worldwide organization of social business people, Ashoka has uncovered six Nigerian adolescents beneath the age of 21 who, independent of their young age have chosen to put forth a concentrated effort to making the ideal changes expected to make the world a superior spot.

 The youthful Nigerians connected to the Ashoka Young Changemakers program sent off to help changemakers under 21 years. Ashoka portrayed them as a painstakingly chosen organization of youngsters who have tracked down their ability to make change to bring about some benefit for their networks and are driving a group and connecting with their friends and the whole world towards understanding the vision of Everyone a Changemaker.

Having sent off the Everyone is a Changemaker development in Nigeria, at the end of the week, Ashoka said its chiefs, including Ashoka Young Changemakers, will share thoughts, plan, co-make instruments, fabricate crosscutting connections and accomplices, champion and spread the development across all pieces of Nigeria.

The change producer legends included:

Deborah Benjamin, a youthful changemaker resolved to establish a protected climate for youngsters from sexual savagery, and to assist them with arriving at better conclusions about their sexual wellbeing through her Save a Girl Africa project, which fixates on Advocacy, Training and Empowerment. She is utilizing Community Leadership, Creative Sex instruction and Design Thinking to help them stay protected from sexual maltreatment, yet to make reasonable answers for orientation based-brutality, confidence building and other related social issues that these youngsters experience.

Godwin Jonathan, an innovation shrewd 19 years of age changemaker with a solid enthusiasm and responsibility for the consolation and spread of STEM Education and social advancement in underserved state funded schools. Through his drive, STEM Club, he is handling the computerized ignorance issue by enabling secondary school understudies from these schools involving elective learning models of mechanical advancement for instruction and business venture.

Godwin Kevin, is additionally a 19 years of age changemaker working and guaranteeing admittance to potential open doors for youngsters. He is focused on interfacing youngsters to accessible assets, preparing and commitment that assist them with becoming people wanting change and pursuing the realization of youth commitment for positive effect. He accepts there is a job for each youngster and that with legitimate instructing, potential open doors and commitment, youngsters can impact change in their networks. He is doing as such through his Inspire for Greatness project

Magnificence Kalu, the initiator of Communities Will Connect, is a 19 years of age changemaker devoted to engaging understudies, particularly little kids, in rustic networks inside Nigeria, with computerized abilities. Through his drive, Communities Will Connect, he is spanning the advanced education hole by giving little kids and young men in these networks, the amazing chance to get familiar with the nuts and bolts of coding, ace PC abilities and become trailblazers who can tackle issues in their own networks utilizing innovation.

David Onilude, a 20 years of age Tech Now Global initiator is a youthful Nigerian changemaker who is engaging and working on the livelihoods of kids in unserved networks in Nigeria through innovation. He has planned a framework to annihilate advanced ignorance in a feasible manner by giving youngsters the assets, abilities and backing they need to outfit amazing open doors and achieve improved results for their future.

Ayomide Akran is a 13-year-old changemaker devoted to achieving economical climate and orientation fairness inside Nigeria. With her Pink Diva association, she is focused on accomplishing a superior and more secure reusing framework for Nigeria and giving manageable reusable cushions to little kids that are unique requirements and for youngsters in rustic regions. Ayomide accepts that young ladies can be whoever they need to be and that with the right strengthening young ladies can use their maximum capacity.

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