UPTH debunks death of 14 infants over power outage

 The Management of the University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital has exposed reports that 14 newborn children kicked the bucket because of a blackout in its office.

The acting Public Relations Officer, Elabha Meni, expressed this in a proclamation gave in Port Harcourt on Saturday.

Meni was responding to provides details regarding web-based entertainment that 14 newborn children passed on at the clinic, despite the fact that he affirmed that there was a blackout.

He, nonetheless, said the report was planned to harm the picture of the organization which he depicts as a focal point of greatness.

The assertion peruses, "The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital is a foundation, where the world's best clinical principles are rehearsed and kept up with. Which likewise has helped make the establishment quite possibly of the best clinical focus in the South and Nigeria overall.

"Notwithstanding, it is very disheartening that specific people attempt to spoil the appearance of the emergency clinic by spreading bogus messages and data that are off base.

"Our consideration has been attracted to an account of the 14 to 19 children biting the dust in the clinic, this isn't right. We kept no baby mortality in our SCBU (characteristic and outborn) because of our electrical blackout, because of the broken transformer, during which the reserve generator overhauled the clinic for the period, with all crisis regions completely controlled.

"Medical procedures were rarely dropped; nor were our administrations disturbed.

"The administration of UPTH scowls earnestly at such shameful web-based entertainment misleading publicity that is harming its picture.

"We believe the overall population should realize that we stay committed in our administration to humankind."

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