How men can overcome low sex drive - Urologist

 A health expert has prompted men battling low coitus drive to seek help from experts to know the cause of the condition, noting that reduced desire for coitus is frequently treatable once the cause is established. 


 Gabriel Ogah, a urologist, explained that the most common reason men witness low coitus drive is frequently due to a drop in the function of the manly hormone called testosterone. 

The expert said when the position of this hormone decreases, a man will have a veritably poor and reduced desire for coitus. 


 Testosterone position, he said, is vital to normal manly sexual development and functions, and is made in the testicles. 

 According to an online health gate, Healthline, testosterone is an important manly hormone. 


 “ In men, it’s substantially produced in the testicles. It's responsible for erecting muscles and bone mass, and for stimulating sperm product. Your testosterone situations also factor into your coitus drive. 

“ When your testosterone situations drop, your desire for coitus also decreases. dwindling testosterone is a normal part of aging. still, a drastic drop in testosterone can lead to dropped libido. 


 “ Talk to your croaker

 if you suppose this might be an issue for you. You may be suitable to take supplements or gels to increase your testosterone situations, ” it said. 

 Speaking further with PUNCH HealthWise, the Adviser Urologist at Ogah Hospital and Urology Centre, Fugar, Edo State, stated that several other factors can contribute to a man’s loss of interest in coitus. 


 Explaining he said, “ There are numerous reasons why men may have a low coitus drive. One of similar is drunkenness. If a man drinks a lot of alcohol they may witnessthis.However, he could have a low coitus drive as some drugs used to treat the condition may beget low coitus drive, If a man has high blood pressure and is taking drug. Other health conditions that could beget low coitus drive include diabetes mellitus, arthritis, and rotundity. 

“ Men with heart problems could also suffer low coitus drive. You know coitus involves a lot ofactivity.However, he'll be panting and would not have enough energy to engage in acceptable sexual conditioning, If a man has heart problems. Such a man may not be interested in coitus. ” 


 The urologist also explained that some internal health conditions similar as depression can also play a part in a man not being interested in coitus. 

“ Also if a person is depressed, he could lose interest in coitus. There are numerous reasons for depression in Nigeria moment, instability and profitable downturn are causing a lot of depression and people who are hysterical for their lives, people who don't have food to eat or do n’t have a job, and people who live in poverty which they feel they do n’t earn can not be interested in coitus and will have a low coitus drive, ” he said. 


 The adviser urologist noted that some of the medicines given to cases to cure depression can also reduce their coitus drive. 

He prompted Nigerian men passing this condition to visit a croaker

 for a proper examination, noting that it's a health condition that can be treated. 


 He said, “ My advice to men with low coitus drive is to seek medical help. originally, go and see a croaker

 who'll adequately examine you and determine what the likely cause for the low coitus drive is. After that, the condition could be duly treated. 

 Still, the person will be told to reduce alcohol input, “ If it's caused by drunkenness. After that the condition could be reversed. 


 still, he'll be told to stop taking cannabis, “ If the person is abusing any medicines like cannabis. 

 Still, it could be treated and if the person is relatively fat, he'll be advised to reduce weight and will see enhancement, “ If it's diabetes mellitus or arthritis. 


 “ Also, If it's due to low testosterone the croakers

 will now know how to treat it, depression can also be treated, ” Ogah said. 

 Opining on if there are natural styles to treat low coitus drive in men, Ogah said, “ There are natural products people can take to increase their coitus drive, noting that nutritionists can advise those with the condition on what could help them. 


 He, still, prompted cases with the condition to see a croaker

 if a change in their diet didn't bring the change they anticipate. 

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