S3x during menstruation increases risk of HIV, other STDs –Gynaecologist

 A professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology on the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Solomon Avidime, has advised towards having vaginal sexual sex with a menstruating lady, noting that it may disclose companions to the danger of contracting HIV and different sexually transmitted infections.

According to the gynaecologist, the danger of contracting sexually transmitted sicknesses is excessive while companions have sexual sex while the lady is menstruating. 

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH HealthWise, Prof. Avidime said that HIV infections can arise as a terrible result of sexual sex for the duration of menses.

Besides the danger of contracting STIs, the professor stated that vaginal sexual sex with a menstruating lady may also cause an boom withinside the waft of menstrual blood due to the fact the veins of the uterus are congested and liable to rupture, and as a result may be broken easily.

Prof. Avidime harassed that sexual sex for the duration of the menstrual length additionally exposes companions to the danger of various sorts of sexually-transmitted infections.

“The danger of contracting sexually-transmitted sicknesses is excessive for the duration of sexual sex while the lady is menstruating. It is excessive in each girls and men.

“HIV contamination can arise as a terrible result of sexual sex for the duration of menses. The danger of contracting gonorrhea and hepatitis is likewise excessive. 

“So, to save you contamination, it's miles higher to keep away from sexual sex for the duration of menstruation. It isn't secure t,” he stated.

When requested if a lady may want to ovulate for the duration of her menstrual waft or get pregnant for the duration of any such length, Prof Avidime stated it's miles remotely feasible for a lady to get pregnant for the duration of her month-to-month length if she engages in sexual sex.

He stated that is specifically not unusualplace amongst girls which have shorter cycles like 21 days or less.

He, however, stated that ovulation does now no longer arise for the duration of menses.

According to a web portal, American Pregnancy, menstruation or a length is the bleeding that takes place while the endometrium is shed 12 to sixteen days after ovulation. With this definition, a lady can't ovulate whilst on her length.

The portal, however, stated a few girls enjoy mid-cycle or ovulatory bleeding (bleeding that takes place round ovulation) and might mistake it for a length.

“This can show up to girls with very abnormal cycles coming as soon as each 3 months or  to a few instances in a single month.

“Mid-cycle bleeding can arise in girls with ordinary cycles as well. They can also additionally enjoy what seems to be a length, however, in reality, that is maximum probable ovulatory bleeding. Ovulation can arise while you enjoy mid-cycle or ovulatory bleeding.

“Keep in thoughts that whilst you can't technically ovulate whilst on a length due to the fact sperm can stay withinside the frame for 3 to 5 days after sex, being pregnant may want to arise from sex that takes vicinity for the duration of a length,” it noted.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, maximum girls enjoy a 28-day menstrual cycle.

“This cycle lasts from the primary day of menstrual bleeding to the day earlier than bleeding starts the subsequent month.

“The duration of the cycle varies among individuals, however is typically among 26 and 32 days long, with 28 days being the average.

“The maximum fertile time of the menstrual cycle is among days 8 and 19,” ACOG stated.

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