Ademola Adeleke Predicts Election Victory over Oyetola, Calls for Blacklisting of Election Riggers


The Osun state governorship competitor of People's Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ademola Adeleke has anticipated political decision triumph over Governor Gboyega Oyetola on July sixteenth, calling for boycotting and endorsing of political decision riggers to safeguard a majority rules system

Talking while at the same time getting an assignment from the United States government office drove by Brandon Hudspeth ( political/Economic Section Chief), at his Ede home, Adeleke said "assuming that decisions are held today, I will Beat Oyetola with significant spaces.

" Our not set in stone to reestablish the 2018 taken command. This time around, our edge of triumph will be solid to the point that political race riggers will flop in their shrewd plans. What we promoter and look for help for is free and fair political decision" , the guber confident expressed.

Adeleke who criticized the developing danger to free and fair political race in Africa and Nigeria specifically asked inconvenience of devastating approvals and individual boycotting of pioneers and political decision up-and-comers who execute political race savagery and apparatus.

" The significant danger to endurance of a majority rule government in Africa and Nigeria specifically are political decision fixing and political savagery. The electing system is under danger from traders of viciousness and political decision riggers. They are frightened of People's voice thus they put uniquely in viciousness and controls. The worldwide local area should guarantee there is result to hinder these dangers to a majority rule government.

" Incumbents and competitors who support and advance savagery and apparatus ought to be boycotted, authorized and have their resources frozen. This is the best way to save a majority rules system from the people who fear voting station. The entire world recalls how I was brutally manipulated out in 2018. We can't permit history to rehash the same thing.

" I am focused on savagery free campaign and free and fair political race. I will campaign on these significant regions to be specific agribusiness changes for work and abundance creation, monetary strengthening for organizations to develop neighborhood economy, useful instructive changes focusing on abilities and business, available and reasonable medical services programs as well as work concentrated framework strategy.

" We have the certainty and mass help of Osun individuals. Assuming political race is held today, I am certain of avalanche triumph against the occupant. However, we want the discretionary local area to take on that call for endorse against political race riggers. We really want impediments and this must be exhaustive. This must be done to save a majority rule government in Africa", he noted.

Talking prior, the head of the American designation, Mr Hudspeth said the United States upholds a vote based system and believes it should accept solid root in Africa and different areas of the planet , guaranteeing that majority rules government advancement and backing is a significant board of American international strategy.

He said the United States upholds her partners in their popularity based venture through preparing and support for discretionary foundations and partners.

As per him, they are in Osun state to dazzle it on the contender to submit to savagery free campaign and free and fair races, adding " this is our message to you and different partners"

While guaranteeing that the train will visit in the future before the political race, he complimented the support of savagery free political race by Senator Adeleke even as he guaranteed that the messages of the up-and-comer will be passed on to the Ambassador.

Different individuals from the designation incorporate Janine T Lewis ( Political Officer), Halima Abubakar (Civil Society and Media Specialist), Sterling Roop ( Democracy Officer).

Senator Adeleke's team who got the designation incorporate Rev Bunmi Jenyo, Hon Niyi Owolade Esq, Akogun Lere Oyewumi and Adekunle Adepoju, the Personal Assistant to Senator Adeleke.


Mallam Olawale Rasheed,

Director, Media and Strategy,

Sebatoe Ademola Adeleke Campaign Organisation(SAACO)

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