Lack of breast milk kills premature babies - MilkBank

Lack of breast milk kills premature babies –MilkBank

 The organizer behind Milk Booster Breastfeeding Company, Dr. Chinenye Obinwanne - Ezewike, has said a ton of untimely children kick the bucket because of an absence of breast milk to support them.

Talking at the disclosing of MilkBank Nigeria in Lagos, Obinwanne - Ezewike said it was consequently she chosen to put resources into benefactor breast milk, adding that mother's inside her local area continually looked for breast milk for untimely children.

She likewise required government's help in the space of furnishing assets to assist those with low pay in rustic regions, saying that giver breast milk was the second best supplement for a youngster before child recipe.

''We believe that the government should likewise uphold this drive by furnishing assets to assist those with low pay and rustic regions. Assuming we get that help, it will lessen the neonatal death rate in Nigeria. Nigeria has the third most elevated untimely child rate in the entire world and with this, a ton of our children bite the dust since there is no breast milk to support them.''

Obinwanne - Ezewike made sense of that each mother giving breast milk would be a worker like what was possible in blood donation centers.

She focused on that the worker moms would be evaluated for transmittable infections, while the breast milk would be handled and purified, and tried once more.

As indicated by her, the giver moms will be evaluated for transmittable infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and HTLV.

"It will cost over N20,000 to screen one mum and this cost will be covered by us," she added.

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