WHO launches first position paper on brain health

WHO launches first position paper on brain health

 The World Health Organisation has blazoned the launch of its first position paper on understanding the brain health of individualities. 


 The global health agency said the paper presents a frame for understanding the significance of optimising brain health for everyone across the globe, in a shot to reduce the rate of numerous habitual health conditions. 

It noted that the brain and central nervous system are the command centres of the mortal body, adding that if an existent’s brain is affected by conditions, it could pose a threat to that existent’s well- being and to global development and productivity. 


 The UN health agency bared this in a statement posted on its sanctioned website. 

 Brain health is the state of brain performing across cognitive, sensitive, social-emotional, behavioural, and motor disciplines, allowing an individual to honor their full eventuality over their life course, irrespective of the presence or absence of diseases. 


 It added that the new WHO position paper provides unborn directions for measuring brain health and addressing brain health determinants. 

The global health agency further revealed that it's estimated that one in three individualities will develop a neurological complaint at some point in their life, making neurological diseases the leading cause of disability and the alternate leading cause of death. 


 The WHO said, “ Brain health is an evolving conception, attracting adding attention not only from the health sector but also from wider society, stimulating rich debate — and for good reasons. 

“ The new WHO position paper launched on 9 August 2022 presents a frame for understanding brain health and the significance of brain health optimisation for all. 


 “ It also demonstrates the applicability of optimising brain health within the broader environment of public health and society and offers practical policy results and unborn directions for the field including specific conduct for addressing brain health determinants, ongoing precedences in brain health exploration, and operationalising and measuring brain health. ” 

“ The position paper provides sapience into the following clusters of determinants similar as physical health, healthy surroundings, safety and security, literacy and social connection, and access to quality services. 


 “ numerous determinants are known to impact brain health and nonstop relations between these determinants plus an existent’s environment lead to lifelong adaption of brain structure and functioning, ” it added. 

 According to the global health agency, optimising brain health by addressing these determinants leads to multiple benefits including lower rates of numerous habitual health conditions similar as neurological, internal, substance use and physical as well as bettered quality of life and multiple social and profitable benefits, all of which will contribute to lesser well- being and help advance the society. 


 “ The brain and central nervous system are the command centres of the mortal body, controlling both conscious and unconscious body functions and thereby impacting every aspect of life. 

 Still, this poses significant pitfalls not only to an existent’s overall health and well- being but also to global development and productivity, ” The WHO said, “ If our smarts are challenged by complaint or other factors. 

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