Osun Govt Declares Friday Work-Free Day Ahead Of LG Election, Restricts Movement

 As part of the planning for the local government elections that will take place throughout the state on Saturday, October 15, the Osun State Government has proclaimed Friday, October 15, a public holiday, according to Adulawonews.

The state government stated that the holiday was set aside to allow people who would otherwise have to travel to their respective local government areas in order to participate in the election to do so. Funke Egbemode, the commissioner for information and civic orientation, made the statement available to reporters on Thursday.

Additionally, the administration warned commuters that travels across the state would be restricted on Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The state administration has announced Friday, October 15, a work-free day to allow citizens and residents of the state to travel to their various local government areas to cast their ballots, the statement continued. In order to elect members and leaders who will presumably work for our shared goals at the local government level, the administration is inviting voters to go out and do their civic duty on Saturday.

"Citizens are also asked to uphold law and order and refrain from being used to sow discord or undermine the efficiency of the procedure and the tranquility of the state.

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