Watch Video of South African female police officer having sex with her son

 Video of a South African police officer having sex with her son went viral on social media after it was posted on Twitter.

In this video, which has sparked outrage on social media, the female police officer is seen lying on her back with her legs wide open and forcing her 12-year-old son to have sex with her.

In the video, the cop's son was initially reluctant, but his mother persuaded him to get close to her repeatedly.

In a portion of the video, the mother can be heard instructing her son to climb on top of her during playtime.

The Limpopo police constable, 40, has been apprehended since the video went viral on a number of social media platforms.

According to reports, she is scheduled to appear in court on January 30 for the alleged rape of a minor.

The incident was also strongly condemned by Limpopo's provincial police commissioner, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe.

"Soon after becoming aware of the video, the Provincial Commissioner ordered the Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences Unit to conduct an immediate probe into the incident with a view to apprehend the policewoman and removing the child to a place of safety," Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said in a statement on Thursday.

The actions of this woman are appalling and deserving of harsh criticism. She ought to have known better than to the severity of her actions, despite the fact that the suspect is said to have committed this crime while she was working for the SAPS under the Public Service Act. The mother may have been possessed by an evil spirit, according to some social media users who have seen the video because she would not have forced her son to have sex with her with a clear conscience. People who harm the South African Police Service's reputation are not welcome here.

The 40-year-vintage Limpopo police constable has for the reason that been arrested after the video went rife on diverse social media platforms.

According to reports, she’s set to seem earlier than the courtroom docket for the suspected rape of a minor on 30 January.

Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe additionally strongly condemned the incident.

“Soon after turning into aware about the video, the Provincial Commissioner ordered the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit to behavior a right away probe into the incident with a view of apprehending the policewoman and casting off the kid to an area of safety,” stated Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo in a declaration on Thursday.

“The moves of this female are deplorable and deserve harsh condemnation. Even aleven though the suspect allegedly devoted this crime while she become nevertheless Public Service Act worker of the SAPS, she ought to have recognised higher that such unbecoming conduct deserved harsh consequences. The South African Police Service does now no longer have the distance for such folks who tarnish its image.

South Africa has currently been greatly surprised with the aid of using a viral video that indicates a police female accomplishing an irrelevant act together along with her 12-year-vintage son.

The video, which has been shared broadly on social media, indicates the officer and her son in an irrelevant position, elevating questions on the female being possessive.

In the presently trending video, which has sparked controversy on social media, the girl police officer is proven forcing her 12-year-vintage son to have amusing together along with her whilst mendacity on her returned together along with her legs unfold wide.

In the video, the police officer’s child first resisted getting near the regulation enforcement female, however his mom’s chronic cajoling sooner or later satisfied him to do so.

During one scene, it’s pronounced with the aid of using folks that noticed it that the mom may be heard telling her younger boy to climb on pinnacle of her so they'll have a tumble.

Following the video’s large distribution on social media, the 40-year-vintage Limpopo police constable become subsequently apprehended.

She is reportedly scheduled to seem earlier than the courtroom docket on January 30 for her alleged attack of a youngster.

Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, the provincial police commissioner for Limpopo, additionally critically denounced the act.

Online outrage has been sparked by a shocking video showing a South African policewoman forcing her 12-year-old son to have sex with her.


A video of a policewoman recording herself coercing her son into having sex with her became a trending topic online on Thursday, January 26.

The policewoman can be seen lying on her back, naked, with her legs outstretched, in the video. She then asks her 12-year-old son to "do it" by coming over.

The mother, according to reports in South Africa, is a Limpopo-based police constable. Social media has been used by South Africans to demand that she be punished.


The woman has been taken into custody on suspicion of raping a child under the age of 18, sexually grooming a child, and creating and distributing child pornography.

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, a spokesperson for the Limpopo Police Department, claims that a court remanded her in jail until next Tuesday, January 30, when she can have a bail hearing.

Mojapelo disclosed that the child is in a secure location and that the nation will continue to pursue child abusers.

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