Meningitis kills six pupils across three school in Bauchi

 Meningitis kills six students at three schools in Bauchi.

A suspected meningitis outbreak has claimed the lives of six Almajiri students in Udubo village, Gamawa local government area, Bauchi state.


Nasiru Bakura, Chairman of the Local Government's Caretaker Committee, confirmed the fatalities to the press on Friday.


This followed allegations on social media that the suspected outbreak had killed approximately 15 people.


Bakura reported that the six students perished in three distinct Tsangaya schools, all of which were located in Udubo, Gamawa local government region.


"The afflicted Tsangaya schools are largely packed with Almajiri students, which exacerbates the situation.

"Medications are being obtained to treat afflicted patients, and health personnel at the local and state levels are actively managing the outbreak."


The chairman highlighted the gravity of the situation and asked the public to take precautions.


Dr. Hassan Shu'aibu Musa, a public health expert in Bauchi, told Punch that meningitis is a dangerous infectious condition that affects the meninges, with bacterial meningitis being the most common form.


"The disease is spread by direct contact with infected people's saliva or mucus, as well as inhaling droplets.


"As such, members of the public are advised to avoid overcrowded areas, especially during this outbreak, as a precautionary measure," he stated.

He stated that meningitis is a vaccine-preventable disease and encouraged parents to vaccinate and protect their children from it.


Regarding myths, Musa emphasizes, "Meningitis is not associated with witchcraft, and patients should consult health professionals if symptoms such as high fever occur."

According to Nairu Baukura, Chairman of the Gamawa Local Government Caretaker Committee, two other Almajirai students from Tsangaya schools are being treated at the Udobo Maternity Clinic. While Baukura was unable to confirm the actual number of those impacted, he did claim that numerous others had been treated and released.

In reaction to the crisis, Rilwanu Mohammed, Executive Chairman of the Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, stated that the state is striving to contain the outbreak.

He added that seven local government regions have reported meningitis cases, which are being treated through isolation and treatment procedures.

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