Alchemy of Souls: Season 2, episode 1 - 10 Mp4 Movie

 Fans of the Korean historical drama series "Alchemy of Souls" are thrilled to see Jang Uk return to the show, which will air its second season in just a few hours.

The main plot of this TVN K-drama, which stars Lee Jae Wook (Jang Uk), Go Yoon Jung, and Hwang Min Hyun, will change in the second season.

Jang Uk reappears three years later, as the new season reveals. He has now achieved the status of a soul-changer hunter as a result of the strength of the ice stone he owns.

The text preview for Alchemy of Souls 2 Episode 1 suggests that Jank Uk will undergo a dramatic transformation into a "monster."

Fans definitely realize that they will meet Naksu in another structure this season after Mudeok's demise. Since she carries the red bird's egg everywhere, it would appear that Jang Uk has not yet moved on from her.

The red bird's egg makes its way across the UK to Naksu in its new form, but the two lovers are still unable to recognize one another.

The ice stone and the obligations that accompany it are excessively weighty for Jang Uk, yet he understands that eliminating the enchanted stone isn't a choice as he might bite the dust doing as such.

The Art of Alchemy: The first episode of Season 2 will air on December 10 at 9:10 p.m. ET on Netflix with English subtitles.

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